What is freenternet®?

freenternet® is a free internet connection, accessed through mobile WiFi modems (MiFi) where users and owners of these MiFi`s will be able to enjoy free and unlimited internet access without the need to buy or top-up their cellular data plan.

Ad breaks will appear regularly throughout usage, similar to those of commercial TV and radio broadcasts. Bandwidth cost will be paid for by the aforementioned Ads.

Buy our MiFi and be a freenternet® Broadcast Agent. The MiFi comes pre-installed with SIM Cards from various Telco Operators for you to choose from. As Agents, not only will you be able to get the above, you will also receive payments – in cash, through AdShare® – for usage of your MiFi. The more you use and or the more people use your MiFi, the more money you will receive from AdShare®

How freenternet® works

We’ve created an ecosystem made up of mutually beneficial components


What are the benefits and who are the beneficiaries?

About Us

PT Digitized World Indonesia was established in Jakarta in 2013 as one of the pioneers in captive portal management technology. This technology was then uitilized as a marketing tool - specifically in customer relationship management - with the launch of our first product called Zona WiFi in 2014.

The rapid development of digital technology has given the internet a much bigger role in people’s lives. From seeking information to knowledge, from doing business to even entertainment and social interactions, are now heavily dependent on the internet. This is why the Indonesian government have been relentlessly striving to connect the whole nation to the internet, in its attempt to exploiting it for the greater good. One of the biggest undertaking towards this objective is perhaps the development of the Palapa Ring - an internet network that spans across the archipelago. Unfortunately, the availability of an internet network is not a silver bullet. The next fundamental issue is the cost of connection itself - which to most is deemed expensive or even unaffordable. When access to the internet is limited, so will the number of people who can benefit from it.

PT Digitized World Indonesia took the initiative to actively solve this fundamental issue by developing a product called the freenternet® - a service based on captive portal management technology, the company’s backbone since its inception. With freenternet®, everyone would have access to free internet connection no matter where they are.

Our Vision:

A world where free internet connection is available for all

Our Mission:

Providing free internet access through WiFi by capitalizing on Advertising revenues to finance the cost of connection


DD 'Lulut' Asmoro

Chief Executive Officer